The 'Xplor BBQ' Can be Carried or Strapped to a Backpack

 - Sep 27, 2016
References: yankodesign
The majority of outdoor barbecues are notoriously large and cumbersome when it comes to portability, so the 'Xplor BBQ' looks to help change this with a design that's focused on ease of carry.

Designed by William Pilgrim, the 'Xplor BBQ' features a rucksack attachment that enables the charcoal BBQ to be carried on a campers pack rather than carried. This helps to ensure that going from the parking spot, to the campsite won't develop into a pain cause from fumbling with equipment.

The 'Xplor BBQ' features a variety of handy features that enable the outdoor barbecue to be inherently useful including a handle that indicates heat intensity and a push button venting system. Silicone rubber feet help to lift the 'Xplor BBQ' up off the ground to the perfect level for safe, convenient grilling.