Para'kito's Wearable Insect Repellent is Deet-Free and Safe to Use

 - Mar 20, 2017
References: ca.iherb
Para'kito's mosquito repellent arm band is a wearable insect deterrent that is completely free of deet -- a harsh chemical agent that is found in many competing products on the market.

Made with natural essential oils, this waterproof product boasts an adjustable design and is safe for users of all ages. Featuring a stylish camo print, the wearable insect repellent is ideal for on-the-go use and is a discreet way to keep mosquitos away while camping, barbecuing or hiking.

While competing products like electric mosquito repellents and spray bottle solutions can feature a harsh scent and an abundance of heavy-duty chemicals, this naturally derived product is a safer alternative. The arm bands' stylish and portable design is also functional for those prone to common skin rashes or reactions.