Vegan Pudding & Co. Offers Healthy Alternatives to Classic Desserts

 - Jan 16, 2017
References: veganpuddingco
The vegan custard puddings offered by the company Vegan Pudding & Co. provide an excellent alternative to popular desserts for individuals who have various dietary restrictions by need or personal preference.

The products are more healthy than their dairy-filled counterparts, offering organic and gluten-free features while simultaneously being vegan. They come in plastic containers that feature small upper compartments, which were designed to hold the desserts' accompanying sauces. The vegan custards come in a wide range of flavors, with some of the more unique ones being strawberry pudding with a double chocolate sauce, earl gray tea pudding with a lemon caramel sauce, and a roasted black sesame pudding with a roasted sesame sauce.

These vegan custards function as an excellent alternative for those who would like to enjoy either traditional or unique desserts, without the dairy and unhealthy ingredients that those desserts are often formulated with.