This Product Works to Smooth Rough Skin and Boost Collagen Production

 - Jan 9, 2017
References: truebotanicals
The natural skincare brand True Botanicals offers a Body Balm that aims to boost the look and appearance of skin with natural but luxurious ingredients.

The balm focuses heavily on scent, featuring multiple combinations that are likely to appeal to most people. It contains the flowery scents of rose and neroli, the deeper and more woodsy scents of sandalwood and frankincense and the earthy scent of oud -- which is a "rare and precious natural oil obtained from Agarwood trees." The product comes in the form of a rich balm but when applied to the skin, the user's body temperature is able to melt it into an oil-like consistency.

The True Botanicals Body Balm is ideal for individuals who enjoy indulgent but natural skincare routines.