Flavour Fiend's Finishing Butter Explores Global Flavors

As common as it is for finishing butter to be packed with various herbs and spices, Flavour Fiend offers next-level products that provide an exploration of different tastes from around the world.

Some of the finishing butter products offered by Flavour Fiend include vibrant globally inspired varieties like Toasted Indian Spice and Chilli, Kaffir Lime & Coriander, as well as simple classics like Garlic & Sea Salt. Each of these finishing butter spreads has been crafted to infuse dishes with maximum flavor using all-natural ingredients.

To communicate the level of boldness of the brand's flavors, the sleeve packaging designs created for Flavour Fiend favor handcrafted brushstroke typography and the potency of ingredients like citrus fruits, spicy peppers, salt and garlic.