The LA DELICIEUSE Mayonnaise with Wasabi Comes Packed in a Homestyle Jar

To set its mayonnaise spread apart from the many others that are produced with traditional flavors in Belgium, the Conserverie Moutarderie Belge crafted an Asian-inspired wasabi mayonnaise blend and packaged it by the jar.

The spicy mayonnaise is geared towards consumers who love to indulge in gourmet sauces and spreads, especially when it comes to adding a hint of spice to fries or meat-based dishes.

Although wasabi mayonnaise is a popular product in many parts of the world, it is often inexpensively packaged in plastic jars or squeezable containers. The LA DELICIEUSE Mayonnaise with Wasabi is instead packed into a glass jar that can be mindfully reused by the end consumer. As Conserverie Moutarderie Belge suggests, the premium glass jar could potentially be used for expanding one's at-home spice collection.