- May 31, 2018
A number of flavorful, colorful alternative pizza crusts are emerging in place of traditional, glutinous pizza dough, especially with the rise of healthy eating and consumer demands for better-for-you substitutes.

Since many consumers are looking to reduce their intake of gluten, cauliflower pizza crusts have emerged as one of the most popular free-from alternatives in both supermarkets and restaurant chains. Some of the other notable alternative crusts are made with everything from sweet potato to cheese, with ingredients like craft beer and charcoal often added as unique infusions.

Although pizza can sometimes be seen as an indulgent comfort food, several brands are flipping this notion on its head with health-focused toppings and all-natural crusts. While Sweet Earth Foods' Veggie Lovers Pizza boasts a crust made of corn, chia and carrot, OH YES! makes nutritious frozen pizzas with crusts and sauces packed with fruits and vegetables.

From Sweet Potato Pizza Crusts to All-Cheese Pizza Crusts: