Pizza Hut New Zealand Offers Mini Potato Toppings for More Crunch

 - Feb 11, 2016
References: brandeating & foodiggity
Pizza Hut New Zealand is offering consumers a rich carb-loaded crust option that offers more crunch with a tater tot potato toppings that wrap around the edge of the pizza. The addition of the tater tots gives the pizza a much more hearty taste with an added crispy texture.

Pizza crust is often times the least loved part of the savory pie and Pizza Hut hopes to subvert this by adding exotic new toppings to the edges of the dish. The Has Bites Crust Pizza features tater tots are laid overtop of the crust rather than stuffed inside so that the mini potatoes are rendered crunchy and crispy during baking. The Hash Bites can be added as a crust topping or a pizza garnish if desired on many of the existing pizza flavors.