'Holi Aioli' Makes Vibrantly Flavored Dips and Spreads

 - Jul 22, 2017
References: holiaioliusa & deliciousliving
'Holi Aioli' makes flavorful aioli spreads and dips, which are packaged in convenient squeeze bottles.

The brand's assortment includes condiment flavors like Holi Truffle, Lemon Basil, Holi Habanero and Roasted Garlic, each of which boasts simple ingredients like sunflower oil, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice concentrate. The qualities and ingredients of each aioli sauce flavor are expressed on the bottle labels, capturing illustrations of the key additions that are included in each recipe; in the case of Holi Truffle, truffles, lemons and garlic are some of the images that are artfully included on the packaging.

With vibrant ingredient combinations and simple ingredient lists, brands like Holi Aioli are positioning their products as appealing to both foodies with an interest in gourmet flavors, as well as health-conscious consumers who carefully review products.