Pascha Organic's New Rice Milk Bars are Organic and Dairy-Free

In an effort to help consumers make more sustainable snack choices, Pascha Organic is gearing up to release a new line of Rice Milk Bars. Available in a milk chocolate and an chocolate orange flavor, the tantalizing new candy bars are a delicious option for conscious consumers.

The new Rice Milk Bars from Pascha Organic are two 46 percent cocoa chocolate bars made with organic European rice milk. Unlike other chocolate bars on the market, the treats are free from all the major food allergens, including dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, gluten, corn and carrageenan. Additionally, the bars are also created with sustainability in mind, meaning they contain only certified fair trade, organic and GMO-free ingredients. The company also partners with the non-profit 1% For The Planet, which helps to support eco-friendly causes.