From Upscale Cannabis Candies to Cannabis-Infused Cold Brews

 - Dec 24, 2017
Cannabis gift ideas this holiday season can range from the more sophisticated cannabis-related products that have been filling the market, to the beverages that are being infused with components of the herbal medicine.

An example of the former is the Beboe's Cannabis Pastille tins, which contain small candies that have a blend of THC, for its mental benefits, and CBD, for its physical ones. The candies have an "intoxicating effect" that is beneficial for both the mood and the physical health of those who consume it.

An example of the latter is Somatik's ready-to-drink cold brew coffee, which contains small amounts of both CBD and THC. The flavorful coffee combined with the stimulating effects of the cannabis it contains works to improve mood, while ensuring that the sleepiness that can accompany cannabis use is mitigated.