Harmony Extracts Offers High Quality Cannabis Concentrates

 - Sep 15, 2017
References: harmonyextracts & packagingoftheworld
Harmony Extracts is a cannabis brand that focuses on offering concentrated products with high levels of THC, and the brand enlisted the creative agency Pentragram to design the packaging for its products.

The Harmony Extracts boxes and containers feature black backgrounds and the brands' logo of a geometric bird, which comes in different colors depending on the product the box contains. The brand offers a series of concentrated cannabis products that come in the form of waxes and "budders," sugars, shatters (sugar in a solid consistency), and nectars.

The wide range of concentrated products in this collection makes it so that those who purchase them can consume them on their own, or put them in a variety of dishes to enhance their flavor, as well as receive the benefits of the THC within them.