The Tempt Coconut HempMilk Features Plant-Based Proteins

 - Mar 7, 2017
References: trndmonitor
The Tempt Coconut HempMilk drinks are rich in plant-based proteins that offer health-focused individuals a way to keep their protein levels up without having to reach for dairy or meat products.

The Tempt Coconut HempMilks are created using milk from hemp seeds as well as coconut cream to create a completely unique taste experience that is rich, creamy and dairy-free.

The Tempt Coconut HempMilks are soy-free, gluten-free, carrageenan-free and Kosher to make them suitable for anyone who is on a restrictive or specialty diet. As mentioned, each of the Tempt Coconut HempMilks are packed with plant-based proteins that make them ideal for those that want to satisfy a craving for milk, keep protein intake up and stay away from dairy-based milk drinks.