Confectionery Company Morinaga is Making Candy-Inspired Popsicles

 - May 12, 2017
References: & en.rocketnews24
Knowing that many consumers in Japan will be looking for icy, refreshing treats to help them cool off in the heat of the summer this year, Japanese confectionery company Morinaga is now offering its Hi-Chew candies in the form of candy popsicles.

The grape-flavored Hi-Chew Ice Bars are said to have the same sweet and slightly tart taste of the popular chewy confections, which comes from real fruit juice, just like the original candies.

To make the new Hi-Chew Ice Bars accessible to people who want to try the refreshing popsicle treats, they are being sold as individual grab-and-go products through convenience stores, rather than in boxed family-sized sets. Like Morinaga, many brands are now offering their most popular snack products in entirely new forms.