Explore Cusine's Black Bean Spaghetti is a Gluten-Free Noodle Option

 - May 24, 2017
References: biovea.net
Explore Cuisine is a health-conscious food brand specializing in products that put a unique twist on old favorites -- its black bean spaghetti is a best-seller appealing to those with a gluten intolerance. The nutritious pasta is a plant-based option for those looking to maintain a healthy diet, or others looking to cut down on their overall carb intake.

Replacing traditional wheat ingredients, food manufacturers are relying on protein-enriched plants like beans to achieve a gluten-like consistency when creating diet-friendly breads and pastas. Explore Cuisine's black bean spaghetti is a great example of this market shift and is a healthier option than similar supermarket products which are nutritious while falling short on taste.

This naturally sourced pasta alternative is not only 100% organic but also features absolutely no added preservatives.