Tic Tac is Expanding Beyond Mint with the Introduction of Tic Tac Gum

 - May 26, 2017
References: tictac & foodbusinessnews.net
Tic Tac Gum is being introduced as a brand new product that boasts many of the same features that consumers have come to know and love about Tic Tac Mints.

The new product is packaged in the same way as the mints, providing 56 Tic Tac-sized pieces of chewing gum. As such, Tic Tac Gum is being touted as a "customizable" product, as consumers are free to choose how many pieces of the bite-sized gum they would like to enjoy per serving—the standard serving size is about six pieces.

When Tic Tac Gum was unveiled at the Sweets and Snacks Expo 2017, it was recognized as the Most Innovative New Product Award in the category for gum and mint products.