From Parody Pop Ads to Kaleidoscopic Cookie Trucks

 - Sep 25, 2016
In the most popular September 2016 marketing ideas, one of the recurring themes is that marketers are looking to engage all of a consumer's senses when it comes to promoting a product, service or brand awareness.

One of the most interesting examples of this is the way Stella Artois teamed up with The Roots to create a song that specifically enhances the beer-drinking experience. Similar multi-sensory experiences include the interactive gallery teamLab created for L’Occitane's cosmetics, as well as Nike's 'Unlimited You' workouts.

While food trucks and pop-up snack shops have been an integral part of the spread of foodie culture, many non-food brands are now using them to promote products. Some of the best and most recent examples of this include International Alert's peace-inspiring 'Conflict Cafe' and the #EverybodyLicking ice cream truck that rapper Gucci Mane used to promote his new album, 'Everybody Looking.'