Stella Artois and The Roots Created a Song to Enhance Taste and Sound

 - Aug 24, 2016
References: & adweek
There are a number of multi-sensory experiences that have been created as of late that are tapping into touch, smell, taste and sound in order to enhance the enjoyment of a product. On this note, Stella Artois recently collaborated with The Roots for the creation of two songs that were specifically created to enhance the sweet and bitter notes of its beer.

Stella Artois describes its creation as "the first music video you can taste," since it is formed from sounds that are associated with the flavors that can be found in Stella Artois' beer. The two versions include one with higher pitches to bring out sweet notes, as well as a one with lower pitches to specifically draw out the bitterness of the beer.

In the past, Stella Artois has also experimented with other experiences where the senses collide, such as its 'Sensorium' dining event.