PEATAI PET TOYS' Brand Identity Spotlights Insightful Quotes

 - Aug 11, 2016
PEATAI PET TOYS' brand identity fuses innovative packaging with inspirational quotes that will pull at the heart strings of animal lovers. The brand prides itself on creating chic and inventive pet toys like fish-shaped cat nip cushions and concealed lasers that resemble a plastic egg. Its branding is the work of Sydney-based designer Jolanda Fiers who creates a whimsical and distinct final product.

Each beautifully designed cat toy is not only aesthetically pleasing and functional but also features unique packaging that is opened to reveal hidden quotes. These insightful and inspirational messages include saying like "time spent with cats is never wasted," a famous Sigmund Freud quote.

Additionally, this pet-centric packaging adds yet another interactive element for animal lovers -- elegant illustrations that are hidden under lids or at the bottom of containers subtly.