The ROND ET CARRE' Brand Identity Fuses Style with Sustainability

 - Aug 2, 2016
This ROND ET CARRE brand identity and packaging concept is the work of Seoul-based design studio MUZIK and accessory brand PARAGRAPHE. Inspired by the joy one feels when unwrapping a gift, this paper-made packaging is designed with sleek aesthetics and the element of surprise in mind.

Each ROND ET CARRE eyewear pair is wrapped in a protective cotton bag that sits in a cylindrical case -- an eco-friendly container that is paper-made. Once securely sealed, these cylindrical containers are wrapped in rectangular boxes which cleverly unfold to reveal fun patterns and ultimately their stylish contents.

Fusing style with sustainable design practices, creative studio MUZIK creates fashionable packaging that is simultaneously conscious of the environment. Each eyewear container can be utilized as a glasses case and can be recycled after use -- ultimately reducing waste in the long run.