Upton's Naturals' 'Real Meal Kits' Can Be Prepared in a Matter of Minutes

Alongside its wide assortment of mock meat products made with seitan and jackfruit, Upton's Naturals is now introducing flavorful Thai vegan 'Real Meal Kits.'

These plant-based, shelf-stable meal kits include pre-cooked noodles, fresh vegetables that have not been freeze-dried and rich traditional Thai spices that help to bring Asian-inspired dishes like Curry Noodle, Thai Spaghetti and Pad See Ew to life. In all, these kits are free from trans fat, cholesterol, GMO ingredients and any preservatives. Best of all, the globally inspired meals can be prepared in a matter of minutes.

While meat is often used in traditional Thai cooking, these vegan meal kits from Upton's Naturals favor protein-rich alternatives such as tofu and seitan as flavorful substitutes for beef, pork or chicken.