Pulp Pantry Makes Grain-Free, Healthy Granola with Fruit and Vegetable Pulp

As an alternative to making its healthy granola products with a base of oats, Pulp Pantry uses only the leftover pulp from fruit and vegetable juices. Because of this, its grain-free, gluten-free granolas are extremely nourishing and packed with the natural pulp from carrots, beets, apples and more. Alongside these fruit and vegetable ingredients, Pulp Pantry also includes organic coconut oil, nuts and peanut butter to help bind the clumps together.

The pulp that is used by Pulp Pantry is upcycled from local juice businesses, which calls for the products to be freshly made in small batches.

Many food and beverage brands are creating new products that focus on creatively reusing "ugly" pieces of produce and edible scraps that would ordinarily go unused and regarded as waste.