Tirol's Newest Chocolate and Curry Paste Confection is Spicy and Sweet

 - May 25, 2017
References: tirol-choco & en.rocketnews24
Confectionery brand Tirol recently unveiled a new treat that introduces the unusual flavor pairing of chocolate and curry. At the center of the yellow 'Kare Pan' Tirol chocolate cube is curry paste and a wafer that boasts a crispy texture. On the outside, the small chocolate piece also includes a woven design for additional texture and interest. Due to the combination of chocolate and curry, the sweet squares are said to have a slightly spicy flavor that packs a punch.

Although the pairing of chocolate and curry may seem like an unusual one, chocolate curry sauces are sometimes served over rice in Japan to add interest to the grain-based dish.

In the past, Tirol has also introduced anti-aging confections, as well as other novelty chocolate flavors that mimic the taste of pizza.