Free & Easy's Healthy Cake Mixes Exclude Gluten, Refined Sugar and Dairy

Free & Easy makes a range of healthy cake mixes that put an emphasis on particular ingredient exclusions. Varieties from the brand like Chocolate Cake, Sponge Cake, Ginger Cake and Carrot Cake offer better-for-you versions of classic flavors, as the mixes include no gluten, refined sugar, dairy or any animal ingredients, also making them all vegan-friendly.

In place of refined sugar as a sweetener, Free & Easy highlights its use of a substitute like coconut blossom sugar in its healthy cake mixes—and in the case of the Chocolate Cake Mix, no sugar at all.

As many consumers are now looking to replace gluten and dairy in their diets with alternative products, free-from foods have become in high demand, as they offer satisfying options for those with allergies, intolerances, or particular lifestyle choices.