Stone Brewing Full Circle Pale Ale is Made Using 100% Wastewater

 - Mar 22, 2017
References: stonebrewing & odditycentral
Stone Brewing Full Circle Pale Ale is a new beer from the San Diego-based brewery made using unusual water. The water is "unusual" in the sense that it is 100% wastewater. The beer was created in partnership with Pure Water San Diego, which treats water flushed down toilets and sinks and makes it safe to drink. The project aims to supply a third of San Diego's water by 2035.

The Stone Brewing Full Circle Pale Ale was unveiled at a public tasting, with attendees commending its taste despite initial concerns over the water source used to brew it. The beer was made in a limited batch, although Stone says it has plans to produce more of it sometime in the future. If Full Circle Pale Ale does go into production, it has a shot to be on store shelves across the country as Stone Brewing is the ninth-largest beer company in the US by volume.