Cucumber Skin is Repurposed by Hotel Herman in an Inventive Way

 - Aug 25, 2016
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Cucumber skins are often peeled and discarded in many restaurant kitchens, but Hotel Herman in Montreal, Canada makes them the centerpiece of one of its dishes.

Hotel Herman typically peels cucumbers and compresses them in sous-vide bags for a cucumber dish that's served alongside an oyster emulsion, but rather than tossing out the unused skins, its chefs integrate them into a new dish. The cucumber skins are grilled and then dehydrated so that they may be turned into a garnishing powder. As a result, the powder enhances dishes with a rich umami flavor.

As of late, consumers, grocery store owners, retailers and restauranteurs have begun to partake in dialogues and initiatives to consciously reduce food waste. Using food scraps in inventive ways is all part of ensuring that food does not end up needlessly going to waste when it could otherwise be used to feed someone hungry.