The Monday Without Mirrors Initiative Puts an Emphasis on Health

 - Jun 9, 2016
References: blinkfitness & bustle
Blink Fitness recently made headlines for a unique initiative called 'Monday Without Mirrors,' which forces gym-goers to reevaluate why they work out. For many people, going to the gym is a habit born out of a desire to change their physical appearance. However, Blink Fitness is trying to get away from this attitude by asking its members to prioritize health over aesthetics.

As part of its Monday Without Mirrors initiative, Blink Fitness will cover up the mirrors at a number of its New York and New Jersey gyms for a single day. The idea behind the initiative is to emphasize the health benefits of regular exercise, rather than just the physical ones. This idea is an extension of the brand's motto, "Mood Above Muscle," which draws attention to the way fitness makes people feel, instead of the way that it makes them look.

With many brands touting messages of body positivity, Blink Fitness goes a step further to practice what it preaches.