HeadScan is a Wearable System to Track Wellbeing Through Jaw Movement

 - Jun 7, 2016
References: egr.msu.edu & springwise
This wearable system is not designed to monitor vitals or physical fitness, but mental health and social interaction. HeadScan is "a wearable system for radio-based sensing of head and mouth-related activities" designed by researchers at Michigan State University.

Its small radio wave antennas are able to track jaw movement in an unobtrusive manner to analyze eating and social habits. The MSU team has been able to translate this data into diagnostics to determine the wearer's wellbeing. HeadScan does not record any audio or visual information, which also ensures the wearer's privacy.

Head researcher Mi Zhang is developing an advanced prototype. In the future, a cloud-based mobile application could also be used to inform the wearer of their wellbeing, and notify them if any troubling mental health issues are being detected.