Pixium Vision's System Stimulates the Nervous System to Restore Vision

 - Jun 7, 2016
References: pixium-vision & dailymail
Pixium Vision is currently developing a revolutionary new implant and headpiece system called the 'Iris II' that is set to restore vision among people who have lost the ability to see. The goggles use a technique called "neuromodulation," which stimulates the nervous system with electricity from a chip in order to restore sight.

This system is set to provide a new kind of retinal implant that will help patients learn to see shapes in black, white and gray. As it stands, there are retinal implants capable of restoring sight, but the quality is not suited to responding to real-world conditions. Pixium Vision claims that it has been successful in restoring sight in rats at a level that's equivalent to 20/250.

Pixium Vision is now testing its vision system on patients in Europe who suffer from a variety of symptoms that can lead to blindness.