This Paper-Based Sensor Monitors Sun Exposure, Sunscreen Use and Skin Tone

 - Jun 11, 2016
References: & medgadget
a group of Australian researchers created a sun sensor from paper that is able to measure sun exposure, while also accounting for the wearer's skin tone and use of sunscreen.

The paper device was created from an inkjet printer using layers of titanium dioxide and a food dye. Titanium dioxide is used to change the food dyes, which effectively become more and more discolored with more sun exposure. In order to deliver personalized results, the researchers noted using a "flexible neutral density filter," which simply reflects skin tone and the type of sunscreen in use.

While there are currently several wearable devices that promise to deliver the same kinds of results as this smart sun sensor is able to deliver, this innovation speaks to how seamless and invisible wearable technology of the future has the potential to become.