The Pure2Go Eliminates Bacteria on Instant Contact for Clean Drinking

 - Jun 12, 2016
References: & thegadgetflow
The Pure2Go is a portable water purifier designed to provide cleaning drinking water while on-the-go with an instant bacteria eliminating design that kills germs and viruses immediately. The device is a small and compact cylindric tube that consumers can fill up with water while camping, hiking or away from fresh water to instantly purify into safe drinking water.

Having fresh water on-hand is crucial to survival, especially for consumers venturing off into the wilderness for copious amounts of time. Inside the tube is a purifier that is able to instantly clear the water of contaminates, bacteria and dirt so it can be sipped right away. The Pure2Go bottle cleans water without the use of chemicals or additives, providing a safe way to enjoy fresh water no matter where one is.