The 'HeyDo' Cup Can Track Water Intake to Ensure Proper Hydration

 - Jun 17, 2016
References: store.gizmag & gizmag
It's never easy to know how much water you've already drank or even how much you should be having, so the 'HeyDo' Cup can track water intake to help keep users properly hydrated.

The healthy lifestyle movement among many different consumer segments has many looking for technological integrations to help support their choice to live a healthier life.

The 'HeyDo' Cup works by tracking how much water you drink, and even offering users the ability to set reminders to refill or certain targets they would like to hit. Aside from being able to track water intake, the 'HeyDo' Cup can also analyze water that's put within it. PPM can be analyzed to let users know how pure or impure their H2O is.