Nimb is a Wearable Safety Device That is App-Enabled with GPS Capabilities

 - Jun 15, 2016
References: cplandingpages.wpengine & betalist
The importance of personal health and safety cannot be understated, especially considering recent tragedies and world events -- which is where this wearable safety device comes in. The smart ring was developed by startup Nimb to save lives by literally putting GPS location and app technology in your hands.

Whether you are experiencing a health emergency, affected by a natural disaster or even under personal attack, the wearable safety device silently notifies pre-set contacts via the accompanying app, including your location as determined by GPS. It also comes equipped with a panic button, that when held down, can record audio, which will certainly prove useful should a legal situation arise.

While wearable fitness trackers are on the rise, this gadget takes a different approach towards individual health.