The 'FitSleep' Helps Users Fall Asleep Fast Using Alpha Waves

 - Jun 7, 2016
References: indiegogo & thegadgetflow
For those that wish they could fall asleep fast, the 'FitSleep' is designed to be a revolutionary way to help get to sleep without the tossing and turning associated. The 'FitSleep' works by emitting alpha waves when the person gets into bed to get them lulled into a deep sleep as quickly as possible. When the person is asleep, the 'FitSleep' works on keeping them asleep during a series of waves that are personalized to the users' experience.

Available now for preorder on Indiegogo, the 'FitSleep' device helps users fall asleep fast by using electronic waves as a form of digital lullaby. For those plagued with sleep issues or looking for a solution that isn't pill-based, the 'FitSleep' can help offer a solution.