This Device Offers Support and Information to Alzheimer's Patients

 - Jun 27, 2016
References: & yankodesign
This device hopes to improve the lives of Alzheimer's patients during the moderate stages of this degenerative disease.

The 'Emma' was designed by Joshua Woo and created to monitor and relieve symptoms of Alzheimer's. The system features a bracelet and glasses that use sensors to read brainwaves and sense confusion. The smart device speaks to the Alzheimer's patient through bone conduction speakers and can offer help when the user is confused, or just passively monitor the user's actions when they are not. A feature that makes this device more intimate is a polymer strap on the inside of the bracelet, which can contract when a family member wants to send them a "gentle squeeze" for comfort through the accompanying app.

Once the patient has reached complete reliance on caregivers, this device can be given to their primary caregivers and will inform them of the patient's habits or lifestyle for their best possible care. This device would potentially be life-changing for Alzheimer's patients in their early stages of the disease as well as for their future.