The 'Pillo' Robot Reorders Medication and Monitors Users

 - Jun 15, 2016
References: pillohealth & thegadgetflow
The number of people entering their twilight years on a global scale is on the rise, so new innovations like the 'Pillo' health assistants are being developed to make senior care more streamlined.

'Pillo' works by securely storing medications and dispensing them at the appropriate time for users to take. This functionality can also be utilized for supplements for those that are looking to increase their overall wellness.

Users can ask 'Pillo' questions pertaining to their healthcare, can reorder medications from the pharmacy and even connect patients directly to their doctor. The 'Pillo' health assistants sync with an accompanying smartphone app and wearable to keep users informed about how to manage their health even when they aren't home.

While this products is ideal for Boomers, the 'Pillo' robotic assistant can also be used by users of all ages in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.