Al Parque's Portable Lunch Box Design Totes a Salad, Sandwich and Drink

 - Apr 23, 2015
References: aldasbrand & packagingoftheworld
The portable lunch box packaging for Al Parque was crafted around the idea that "food tastes better when shared with friends," especially in an outdoor setting like a picnic. In order to make transportation easy, the Aldas Brand agency created a compact box that could fold out to reveal slots for a sandwich, a drink, as well as a soup or a salad container. Even on a windy day, the secure slots in this packaging make sure that no wrappers or containers have the chance to blow away.

Taking inspiration from a traditional picnic basket, the single-serving box contains a handle at the top for easy carrying. In terms of construction, the box is made from an eco cardboard that's held together with a water-based glue, complete with detailing printed using only a single color of ink.