The 'Picar' is a Combination Recumbent Trike and Pedal Car

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: velomobileshop & kickstarter
This streamlined pedal car is a three-wheeled piece of luxurious transportation that puts other bikes to shame.

The 'Picar' is a unique mixture of pedal car, recumbent trike and classic aerodynamic velomobile. Crafted by hand down to the finest detail, this pedal-powered vehicle resembles a car down from faux engine to the chrome exhaust. There is also an option for a 750 electric motor if riders are looking to speed things up as they travel down the road.

The 'Picar' also includes a synthetic leather seat, a wood panel dash and disc brakes on all three wheels. Available in five different color options, this car bike can also be outfitted with optional flourishes like LED lights, a MP3 music speaker system for listening to music and a USB port for charging up your phone.