The Vive Planting Set Prepares Kids for Easily Growing Greenery in Their Backyards

A wonderful way to get children started on planting would be to provide them with this eco garden kit. The practice of gardening can involve the accumulation of tons of tools and biological matter, but the field has been trimmed to a simple and digestible set by Burpee.

Shanti Shiue's design project led her to construct a compact gardening kit from environmentally friendly materials. The closed card compartment partitions off space for fertilizer and seeds, enabling the youngster to easily pour one and then the other into the soil. The very handle of this little landscaping toolbox has four separate uses for optimal efficiency and resourcefulness. With this detachable wooden component, you can carry the eco garden kit, rake earth, dig holes, and use it as a measurement and name tag for your growing flowers and shrubbery.