These Tasty Rolls are a Healthy Alternative to Bread

 - Sep 21, 2015
The ‘My New Roots’ blog put together a recipe for delicious cauliflower buns that serve as a healthy alternative to bread. For those who adhere to a gluten-free diet, cutting out bread can be a difficult task. These tasty buns are a perfect choice for whipping up healthy gluten-free sandwiches.

Instead of using four, the buns are made from a combination of cauliflower, almond meal and nutritional yeast. The end result is a batch of light and fluffy rolls that tastes just as good as traditional buns. The taste of the cauliflower is concealed by the nutritional yeast, which helps to give the buns a distinct cheese flavor. In addition to being flour-free, the buns are also high in protein and B-vitamins.

The healthy buns thus provide a nutritious alternative to bread for gluten-free consumers.