Celebrate National Sandwich Day with a Mouthwatering New Recipe

 - Nov 3, 2015
In honor of National Sandwich Day, mix up a traditional lunch by trying one of these mouthwatering homemade creations. From the banana bacon sandwich by Refinery29 to a savory pumpkin grilled cheese, there are a variety of exciting sandwiches in need of a taste test.

Instead of opting for a classic peanut butter or bologna sandwich, try a recipe that will shake things up in an exciting way. While using rice buns for a hamburger or eliminating meat from a cranberry sandwich might sound strange, these dishes are actually an incredible way explore a variety of cultural cuisines.

The art of sandwich making has long been practiced around the world. Celebrate National Sandwich Day with a delicious new recipe --whether you're seeking a sweet maple-flavored breakfast sandwich, a savory sub or a healthy ice cream dessert, sandwiches are a very versatile dish.