These Vegetarian Hummus Wraps Sub in Nori for Bread

These unconventional gluten-free veggie wraps creatively substitute bread for nori sheets to create a healthy, nutritious and wholesome snack that is filled with fresh ingredients.

These seaweed wraps are similar to creating fresh rolls but instead include sheets of nori and hummus. The wraps are filled with all sorts of thinly slice produce including carrots, cucumbers, tomato, lettuce and avocado -- but can be easily customized to suit the eater's preferences. To assemble, the sheets of nori are covered with a layer of hummus for added protein and to act as the glue to hold the veggies in place. Once the vegetables are laid onto the seaweed sheets the wraps are rolled and can be eaten as is. This is a great snack to ensure you're getting your daily veggies in a quick and easy raw meal.