The Barclay Prime Offers a Divine Philly Sandwich for $120 Per Order

 - Oct 11, 2015
References: philly.eater & eater
Stephen Starr's Philadelphia-based restaurant Barclay Prime offers a divine Philly cheesesteak for a whopping $120. The dish is made with elegant ingredients and is garnished with an exquisite cheese sauce that drapes over the meat like a velvet cape.

While spending $120 on a single sandwich might seem outrageous, this particular dish is worth the splurge. The cheesy sauce is actually a combination of a monray sauce, truffles and shredded cheese. The meat is a wagyu beef, which is both a New York strip and a rib eye steak combination. The entire sandwich is then topped with high-end truffles and foie gras. All of these mouth-watering ingredients co-mingle together atop a crusty baguette bun.

The luxurious dish from Barclay Prime is recommended to be served alongside a cool glass of fresh bubbly champagne.