This Breakfast Spin Features a Gooey Peanut Butter Centre

This chocolate french toast recipe adds a dynamic new element to the sweet bread dish by combining two pieces of french toast together and stuffing the centre with a delicious filling. This french toast sandwich is a healthy breakfast meal filled with fresh fruit, nutritious carbs and protein.

The batter for the french toast is enhanced with cocoa powder to give the toast a chocolatey flavoring. The batter is also conveniently dairy-free made from almond milk, vanilla, corn starch, mashed banana and maple syrup making it a great breakfast choice for a vegan diet anyone with a lactose intolerance. Before the bread is dipped in the batter, it is formed into a sandwich with a layer of peanut butter and sliced bananas. The sandwich is then dunked in the batter and fried in a pan to melt the peanut butter and gain a crispy chocolate exterior.