This Hanakifujin Product Changes the Color of Soy Sauce to Pink

 - Aug 3, 2015
References: karokort.fc2 & en.rocketnews24
Although it’s widely accepted that the color of soy sauce will always be some shade of brown, Hanakifujin is changing what we know about this Asian condiment.

Soy sauce is traditionally added to savory dishes like fish and soup, but it is also occasionally combined with sweet treats like ice cream, cake and silky dessert tofu. In order to make it more appealing as a topping to sweet items, Hanakifujin created this pink-hued sauce using a base of white soy sauce. It might seem like getting the soy sauce to become this color would involve artificial dyes, but the secret is simply the natural color that comes from beets.

Although sauce is usually used to enhance a main dish, simply changing its color transforms soy sauce from a condiment to a centerpiece of a meal.