Quorn's Vegetarian Sausages Are a Great Meat-Free Protein Source

These vegetarian sausages are a prime example of why Quorn prides itself on being able to offer healthy, low-fat and low-calorie meal options for the vegetarian from breakfast to dinner.

In terms of appearance, the meat-free Breakfast Sausage Links truly do look a lot like real meat sausages. However, where they differ in composition is that these sausages are made from a blend of ingredients like Mycoprotein, canola oil, onion, pea fiber and starch, plus rehydrated egg whites—the only thing that keeps these from being vegan. Infused with a variety of herbs and spices like sage, nutmeg, bay, cardamom, coriander and marjoram, you can be sure that these sausages don't skimp on flavor even though they are made without real meat.