These Fantastic Fruity Pancakes are Vegan Friendly and Unexpected

 - May 23, 2013
References: tastykitchen
Breakfast connoisseurs will definitely want to get their hands on this pineapple upside down banana pancake recipe. People who already enjoy grilled pineapple and pancakes on their own will be delighted by this fruit filled breakfast upgrade.

These tasty flapjacks are actually very easy to make, which is great because it can be hard to find energy to cook in the morning. The juicy pineapple slices get tossed on the griddle before the banana pancake batter. Once they turn golden brown, pour on the pancake mix. I'm getting hungry just describing it.

The ingredients it takes to whip up these fruity flapjacks are bananas, soy milk, whole grain flour, baking powder, salt, pineapple (of course) and oil.

These indulgent breakfasts aren't just delicious, they're also vegan friendly. That means you can invite your herbivore friend over for pancakes too (if you're in a sharing mood).