Celebrate the Warm Weather With These Summer Marshmallow Creations

These Summer Marshmallow creations, designed for food blog 'The Decorated Cookie,' are by far this season's most charming treat. The Summer Marshmallow creations are made using a variety of sprinkles and edible markers. The marshmallows depict iconic summer settings inspired by sand surf and the lawn.

Each Summer Marshmallow is vibrantly decorated with fun colors and dazzling sprinkles. The detail of each miniature image is expertly done, making these little treats look more like a piece of art than food. My favorite Summer Marshmallow is definitely the red and yellow sailboat, floating atop an ocean made with blue sprinkles.

Implications - There is a specific group of consumers, primarily women, who flock to products with endearing qualities. Such products are perceived in a very favorable and positive manner by these consumers. Businesses that employ such tactics will be perceived as highly approachable.