This Lucky Charms Treat is a Perfect Casserole-Like Dish for Anyone

 - Mar 26, 2014
References: yumsugar & foodbeast
If you enjoy Lucky Charms as much as I do, then these Lucky Charms treats are perfect for you. As children, we all loved eating the marshmallows out of the cereal box and leaving the rest for someone else. Who doesn't love sugary sweet breakfasts?

As adults, Lucky Charms are not as good for us but we can still have our cake and eat it too. These Lucky Charms treats are a perfect way for children and adults alike to enjoy this delicious delectable treat. A good thing about the recipe is it uses the entire box so you don't have to worry about having lots of leftovers. Obviously the best way to create these Lucky Charms treats is to add lots and lots of marshmallows to the already marshmallow cereal treat. Enjoy!