This Watermelon is Deceivingly Made from Rice Krispie Cereal

 - May 21, 2014
References: instructables & makezine
Rice Krispie squares get a serious fruity update with this tutorial from Instructables that teaches you how to make a life-sized watermelon out of fruit-flavored Rice Krispie treats.

To make this massive watermelon puff cereal treat you need to make a few small changes to the standard Rice Krispie recipe. First, the conventional white marshmallows need to be replaced with fruity strawberry-flavored marshmallows. While the flavor won't exactly match up, the pink coloring of the marshmallows will turn the Rice Krispie cereal pink to replicate the watermelon's pink flesh. The Rice Krispies need to be rolled into a cylinder shape and carefully wrapped in strips of light and dark green fondant to replicate the watermelon peel. Simply slice the treats vertically so that the Rice Krispie squares look like slices of juicy watermelon.